Capsule Filling Machine Deviation Adjustment

The NJP series Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine made by Captek, can automatically complete the process of capsule feeding and separating, powder filling, defective capsule rejecting, capsule locking, finished capsule discharging and segment dust cleaning.

All the movements are done by the ten stations on the capsule filler, which are drove by the totally enclosed frame rotary turret.
In the past decades, we have received requests for help from customers, after collision between parts due to improper setting and operation, their machines have seriously missed alignment on capsule segments, which could not be adjusted back. In order to help our dear customers to get their machines work again, we made an instruction video.
If you have such a problem as the above pictures shows, you may contact us for the details. Hopefully our work will be helpful to all our dear customers.
Ask [email protected] for rotary turret deviation and dislocation adjustment manual book and more information.